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Psychotria colorata leaves

Psychotria colorata leaves

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General information (This information does not constitute recommendations for application and use.)

The crushing shrubs (Psychotria) are a genus of plants from the family of
Blush family (Rubiaceae). It is pantropical in distribution and contains 800 to
1830 species.

The Psychotria species grow as shrubs, small trees or lianas and
rarely also as herbaceous plants. Their bark is brown or gray and
does not flake off. The leaves are opposite, undivided,
veined entire or serrate and pinnate. If hair is present
Are these simply built? stipules are present and can with the
shoot axis to be fused. stilt or buttress roots, spines or
Exudation does not occur.

There will be side or end stands, heads, simple or compound
zymose inflorescences formed. The hermaphroditic, four- or six-fold
Blooms exhibit a diameter of 0.5 to 3 centimeters a double
perianth. calyx and are present and respectively. The four
or six petals are campanulate or tubular and fused on
hairy on the inside. The four to six stamens are with the
Petals fused. Two or rarely four carpels are to one
inferior ovary fused, with separate stigmas.

Crowned by the sepals, the fleshy drupe contains one or
two, rarely four cores (seeds).

Extracts from the leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots of Psychotria colorata are traditionally used as an analgesic by native Amazonian Cabaclos people. This analgesic effect has been studied in animals and shown to be reversible by naloxone, indicating a mu-opioid receptor mediated effect. Subsequent research has identified several active alkaloids in the plant, the most important of which are hodgkinsine, which acts as both a mu-opioid agonist and NMDA antagonist, and psychotridine, which is an NMDA antagonist with little or no mu-opioid -Affinity.

This product is sold here as an incense and should not be used as a consumer or medicinal product.

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